Staking prerequisite failed during relay registration

Attempting to register a relay and I’m not sure the staking portion executed during registration. From the logs:

gsn1_1          | Not registered yet. Prerequisites:
gsn1_1          | Balance        | good           | actual:       3.9970 ETH | required:       0.1000 ETH
gsn1_1          | Stake          | wrong          | actual:       0.0000 ETH | required:       0.0000 ETH
gsn1_1          | Hub authorized | wrong
gsn1_1          | Stake locked   | wrong
gsn1_1          | Manager        | 0x8ae468516a986535ca32de30b9ffa301fe0fed93
gsn1_1          | Worker         | 0x2df62e0c33fb67223bed4a224c2a249256c4d492
gsn1_1          | Owner          | unknown

Later it shows the registration is not attempting to finish:

gsn1_1          | debug:   queried node for last active server event, found in block undefined
gsn1_1          | debug:   will attempt registration: isRegistrationPending=false isRegistrationCorrect=false forceRegistration=false
gsn1_1          | debug:   will not actually attempt registration - prerequisites not satisfied
gsn1_1          | debug:   Not registered yet

Is there any way to correct this?

Hey sideshowdave7, I’ve seen this issue before. When either the staking or funding operations fail, you can re-run the relayer-register command with the appropriate parameters. Here’s the command from the tutorial modified to set the stake:

docker run --rm -ti -v $PWD:$PWD \
    opengsn/cli relayer-register \
    --network <the ethereumNodeURL you used for the relay> \
    --gasPrice <get from the link above, specify in Gwei> \
    --relayUrl https://<your hostname for the relay>/gsn1 \
    --funds 0 # Don't need to send any more funds since it's funded
    --stake 1
    -m `pwd`/pass12

Let me know if this helps. Thanks!