Solidity Coverage issue with gsn

Hi Everyone,

I have a set of open gsn contract tests and while trying to run coverage I get an error

Error: Cannot create instance of IPaymaster; no code at address 0x9561C133DD8580860B6b7E504bC5Aa500f0f06a7

The error comes at this line

config = await resolveConfigurationGSN(web3provider.currentProvider, {

paymasterAddress: paymaster.address,
logLevel: 1,

The tests work fine though

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IPaymaster is indeed an interface, not a contract.
Actual contract in use depends on what you pass in - our default “test pay everything” paymaster, or your own.
We did ran into coverage test problems a while back, and the coverage test is not functioning.
That said, we did have a coverage test (using 0x coverage to) with interfaces in the past.

Maybe you should contact the coverage tool developers, on their support for interfaces

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@drortirosh any workaround to use with solidity coverage tool I actually created a .solcover.js file added the interface in skipped file section but it still doesn’t work

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