Sign request format

Hello everyone!

We are currently implementing OpenGSN to allow users to interact with our smartcontracts without any gas costs. So far everything works as expected, however we think that the information we are showing to the user is quite cumbersome to read/understand.

We are referring mainly to the data field. The transaction of the image corresponds to a regular ERC-20 transfer and as you can see it’s barely understandable. Wouldn’t it be nice to detect the function of the most used ERCs and parse it accordingly? (function: transfer, to: 0x4414…ba53).

We know this is up to Metamask (and every other wallet that implements EIP-712) to parse the tx to a more user-friendly version. We just wanted to know what you guys think and whether there’s any work done on that.

Yes, we agree that eip712 needs some more parsing…

We think there should be some metamask plugin that will parse signed transactions
The logic is: if there is a “bytes” member, and its value matches one of a list of ABIs, then display the parsed transaction instead of a blob…

This is not something that relates just to GSN, but to any request that receives a “bytes calldata” parameter.