Send data to paymaster using the RelayProvider

Hi, Im trying to implement the TokenPaymaster example, but instead of building the whole Relay request, and send it straight to the hub:

relayRequest = {
      relayData: {
        relayWorker: relay,
        paymaster: paymaster.address,
        forwarder: forwarder.address,
        transactionCalldataGasUsed: '0',
        maxFeePerGas: gasPrice,
        maxPriorityFeePerGas: gasPrice,
        clientId: '1'
      request: {
        data: recipient.contract.methods.test().encodeABI(),
        nonce: '0',
        value: '0',
        validUntilTime: '0',
        to: recipient.address,
        gas: 1e6.toString()

Im trying to find the way to do it through the GSN provider by sending data to Paymaster, is there any method available to do so?