Returned error: number can only safely store up to 53 bits

Please help I forked bsc mainnet, upon running npx gsn start I am faced with the error in this image

please make sure you’re using @opengsn/provider
I think the problem you describe is only with the old package @opengsn/gsn:2.1, in case of a reverted transaction
(with GSN 2.2, you should see the revert message instead this generic and misleading provider error)

Thank you.
While using @opengsn/provider@2.2.1 I can’t call npx gsn start I get error: command not found: gsn.
Methods I have tried:
I tried using two separate folders one for creating and deploying my contracts this contains @opengsn/gsn@2.1.0 , the other for interacting with my deployed contract containing contains @opengsn/provider@2.2.1 . Now I get (provider hub version (2.0.0+opengsn.test.pea.ipaymaster)
Does not satisfy the requirement 2.2.0.)
Still using different folders one for interacting and the other to deploy and create and deploy I am faced with one more error: relay not ready. Failed relay call.
Please help

Please help with a highlight on how everything comes together on mainnet or testnet (outside a local net like ganache). I can’t get my head around it. I guess I no longer run npx gsn start. So how do I integrate with deployment addresses on the testnet to run my application

Just released 2.2.2, which “gsn start” works again.

verified that it works with the demo projects (ctf-react and metacoin)

The simplest way to run GSN locally for testing is:

npx run-with-testrpc -d 'gsn start'

I will bring up ganache, deploy GSN contracts and start a relayer.
Since the addresses are deterministic, the
Forwarder is always at 0xCfEB869F69431e42cdB54A4F4f105C19C080A601
and the Paymaster is at 0xD833215cBcc3f914bD1C9ece3EE7BF8B14f841bb