RelayClient internal exception. Gas price or gas limit still not calculated. Cannot happen

I am new to the gas Station Network and am trying to adapt my mumbai testnet contract to the standards.
When I try to relay call to mumbai I get an error:
“RelayClient internal exception. Gas price or gas limit still not calculated. Cannot happen.”
What can be the origin of this problem?
Thanks in advance for the response.

my client:

            // Get network provider and web3 instance.
            let web3 = await getWeb3();

            const config = {
                paymasterAddress: "0xcA94aBEdcC18A10521aB7273B3F3D5ED28Cf7B8A", // Polygon Mumbai
                relayLookupWindowBlocks: 990,
                relayRegistrationLookupBlocks: 990,
                pastEventsQueryMaxPageSize: 990,
                loggerConfiguration: {
                    logLevel: 'debug'
            const provider = await RelayProvider.newProvider({ provider: web3.currentProvider, config }).init();
            console.log("provider", provider);

my react call:

    async handleBetaal(event) {
        const {accounts, contract} = this.state;

        console.log("verkoop address", contract._address);
        await instanceDegage.methods.approve(contract._address,this.state.kilometers).send({from: accounts[0] });
        await{from: accounts[0] });
        const response = await contract.methods.getBalance(this.state.accounts[0]).call();
        this.setState({storageValue: response});

The contracts I am using are a Openzeppelin ERC20 token and a contract that let the users pay with their tokens. I followed the steps in the docs from the gas station network and made them both inherit from the BaseRelayRecipient and set the forwarder. The paymaster and forwarder I use are from the mubai section from the documentation of the gas station network. The complete log of my error:

Thanks to Mr. Tirosh: “The currently EIP159 is not supported. please provide gasPrice to the request”