relayCall reverted

Hi everyone, I’m testing a TokenPaymaster locally. But meet an error

Error: Failed to relay call. Results:
Relaying errors (1):
http://localhost:55478 => local view call to 'relayCall()' reverted: view call to 'relayCall' reverted in client: Paymaster balance too low

I’ve already funded the paymaster with the code following

await contractCreator.sendTransaction({
    to: paymaster.address,
    value: utils.parseEther("2.0"),

why is this not working?


I mannully fund paymaster with the following code:

const relayHub = new Contract(relayHubAddress, RelayHubArtifact.abi, deploymentProvider);
await relayHub.connect(contractCreator).depositFor(paymaster.address, { value: utils.parseEther("2.0") });

It seems that the above error is solved.

However, I got rejected by paymaster without an detailed error message:

Error: Failed to relay call. Results:
Relaying errors (1):
http://localhost:50930 => paymaster rejected in local view call to 'relayCall()' : null