Relay worker transactions are all stuck in pending

Hello, I’m running a relay on Rinkeby and since 9/8/21 the worker is no longer able to send a successful transaction. Every new transaction is pending. I get an error when I test on my client using Metamask, it states the following:

relayTransaction response: undefined, error: Unacceptable relayMaxNonce: 700. current nonce: 701

It looks like there is a pending transaction that is holding up all subsequent transactions due to it having the lowest nonce. I actually tried to decommission this relay, but it was not successful. Now there are 4 pending transactions I can see on Etherscan sent from this worker. With the earliest being this one. These pending transactions seem to be the result of calling unlockStake on the StakeManager contract, Etherscan doesn’t seem to have the pending transactions from a week ago either. Is there a way to fix this pending transaction issue? Let me know if any additional details are required. Thanks!

Please send us the logs of the jsrelay docker.
You can then release the pending transactions by deleting the gsndata/txstore.db database file and restarting the relayer
(Technically, it makes your relayer “penalizable”, since it might send different transaction with that nonce, so I wouldn’t recommend that method on a production network, though still it requires someone to get hold on these transactions, which might have been submitted to the mempool.)

Thanks for your help. I got the logs using the following command:

rdc logs gsn1

Let me know if this is the correct method (output looks correct to me). If it is, where should I send the logs? It’s a fairly large JSON file.