Relay server not listed at

I setup relay server following: Tutorial: Running a Relay Server for Fun and Profit | Version 2.2.5.

And when I request to “https://{MyRelayServer}/gsn1/getaddr”, it returns "ready": true.

But it’s not listed at

Is this normal situation? Or relay server is not configured properly?

Any help most appreciated.

Configuration info

release: gsn v2.2.5

gsn-relay-config.json: (for polygon mumbai)

        "baseRelayFee": 0,
        "pctRelayFee": 70,
        "relayHubAddress": "0x6646cD15d33cE3a6933e36de38990121e8ba2806",
        "ownerAddress": "<MyOwnerAddress>",
        "registrationBlockRate": 1000,
        "pastEventsQueryMaxPageSize": 900,
        "coldRestartLogsFromBlock": 23164086,
        "gasPriceFactor": 1,
        "confirmationsNeeded": 1,
        "ethereumNodeUrl": "<MyNodeURL>"

Hey, this is expected. That site doesn’t load the Mumbai relayer servers correctly for some reason. This doesn’t have any impact on your relay server reachability, it should still function.