Register Relay Command - gasPrice

Hey Team, I was just doing some double checks before executing npx gsn relayer-register on mainnet and I noticed that the registerRelay() function in CommandsLogics.js has hardcoded gas price. This obviously isn’t the right gas price for mainnet, so should I not be using the gsn commands for mainnet use?

You’re looking at an old code.
Its best to use the docker

 $ ./dockers/cli/gsn relayer-register --help
Usage: gsn-relayer-register [options]

  -n, --network <url|name>   network name or URL to an Ethereum node (default: "localhost")
  -f, --from <address>       account to send transactions from (default: the first account
                             with balance)
  -m, --mnemonic <mnemonic>  mnemonic file to generate private key for account 'from'
                             (default: empty)
  -g, --gasPrice <number>    gas price to give to the transaction, in gwei. (default: "1")
  --relayUrl <url>           url to advertise the relayer (default:
  --stake <stake>            amount to stake for the relayer, in ETH (default: "1")
  --unstakeDelay <delay>     blocks to wait between unregistering and withdrawing the stake
                             (default: "1000")
  --funds <funds>            amount to transfer to the relayer to pay for relayed
                             transactions, in ETH (default: "2")
  -h, --help                 display help for command