Polygon mainnet relay deployment issues

Hi, I’m trying to deploy a relay on Polygon Mainnet, but I keep getting this error:

Failed to register relay: RelayServer failed to set its owner on the StakeManager

There aren’t any relays for Polygon Mainnet currently, is there a known issue preventing these from being deployed? I also noticed that the versionRegistryAddress in the documentation is incorrect. It looks like it should be 0x39A2431c3256028a07198D2D27FD120a1f81ecae. Let me know if I should include any other details. Thanks for any help you can provide!

This has actually resolved itself. It seems like the transactions are just taking a long time. I’ve also observed that the getLogsPagesForRange method (inferring this from observing the logs) takes a while to execute with pagination. Are there limitations that exist for Polygon relays? The RPC the relay uses, I also use to execute the relayer-register command. Again, thanks for any help you can provide!