Help needed to deploy GSN to harmony network

I am trying to deploy opengsn to network but I always get a 504 error because the number of blocks is too large. I solved this by increasing the block number (fromBlock) for querying the event logs.

After starting the relay and registering with ts-node ./src/commands/gsn-relayer-register.ts, I got the logs below:

Not registered yet. Prerequisites:
Balance        | good           | actual:       2.0000 ETH | required:       0.1000 ETH
Stake          | good           | actual:       1.0000 ETH | required:       0.0000 ETH
Hub authorized | wrong         
Stake locked   | good          
Manager        | 0xcae77e0392c4c01789c5cc4cdd396af7ff7a5c09
Worker         | 0x786e4303349f782a9c43d58cdce26d8a57b0bcb0
Owner          | 0x381EdBbdac69dfa500373D4c389D04519a9FfdAF

After this, I get the error httpServer: Error: Returned error: Missing block data...

Please, can someone suggest how this can be resolved?

not clear what the error is.