Failed to register relay: exceeds block gas limit

Was following the tutorial, all the other steps work fine and I am able to see that the relay server is public but unable to register - Getting this error again and again

docker run --rm -ti -v $PWD:$PWD opengsn/cli relayer-register --relayUrl https://<>/gsn1 -m pwd/pass12 --network<> --gasPrice 40
Using mnemonic from file /home//pass12
debug: interactor init start
info: Contract interactor cannot resolve a full deployment from the following input: {}
Found funded account <>
Registering GSN relayer at https://>/gsn1
info: pingResponse: {“relayWorkerAddress”:“ADDRESS”,“relayManagerAddress”:“ADDRESS”,“relayHubAddress”:“ADDRESS”,“ownerAddress”:“ADDRESS”,“minGasPrice”:“19036734905”,“maxAcceptanceBudget”:“285252”,“chainId”:“3”,“networkId”:“3”,“ready”:false,“version”:“2.2.5”}
current stake= 0
Funding relayer
Failed to register relay: exceeds block gas limit

The underlying issue (based on seeing transaction on alchemy seems to be that gasLimit is hard coded to 1000000, the current block gas limit was around 50K. We need to be able to edit the gasLimit)

0: 0xf86c03843b9aca00830f4240947c0665fe2b413620436be5a0ccec277f9115657e881bc16d674ec80000801ca0b4cd0e9dfc2f45304226227d91091d6832ae7f088414c0234706d1c1e693e877a0359eb763867aa968f4b95ba3efbe39f2ef59c5d2cec1e752b5f74e790bde7a92
from: 0x03ab3D47552a9042e4D985663b5Bcf659aa5402a
gasLimit: 1000000
gasPrice: 1000000000
nonce: 3
to: 0x7c0665fe2b413620436be5a0ccec277f9115657e
value: 2.00000000e+18