Ethereum mainnet relay stuck in “pending” status

Hello, I have another issue. The relay I’m running on the Ethereum mainnet is suddenly stuck with a status of pending. From what I can observe in the logs (right before the relay gets stuck in pending):

  • Worker balance requirement is not satisfied after successfully forwarding a transaction
  • A transaction is then sent to replenish the worker (this transaction is successful)
  • For some reason the log indicates that this transaction is stale, the transaction is then boosted 4 times (from what I can see)
  • The first two transactions error with code: -32000, message: 'replacement transaction underpriced'
  • Then the last two transactions error with Sent tx n times already (where n is 3 and 4)

I can provide the logs. Would the worker be stuck waiting for these invalid replenishment transactions to succeed? In addition, what is the best method to resolve this type of issue? Thank you for your help.

Yes, there is a known issue with the relayer.
First, you and to remove the .db files under gsndata
After restart, it will work again.
To prevent it from happening again, there is a fix in an unpublished version 2.2.3

You need to manually do
docker pull opengsn/relaydc:2.2.3
And then docker-compose up -d

That solved the issue. I’ll work on upgrading it. Thanks for your help!

Hi @drortirosh, I managed to get the docker working correctly with the new version. Although during my experimentation I seem to have rate limited myself with the certificate issuer. Would there be any negative impact from leaving my relayer in a Network Error state for a few days? I’ll be reading up on this a bit more to understand my mistakes. Thanks for your help!

there is no negative impact, except of course that it doesn’t handle transactions during that time.