ERC2470 deployment of forwarder on Kovan

ERC-2470 seems to be working fine. Here is our first deployment of GSN (Generic) Forwarder

Note: there is no tag in Git since I changed a parameter order and nobody was awake to approve it. Will do first thing in the morning.

PR of how this is done is here:

Before that Alex talked with @drortirosh regarding deploying Forwarder to the first testnet and agreed on the following plan:

  1. Create a Git tag to indicate a version on Forwarder being deployed
  2. Use ERC-2470 to deploy the forwarder to one of the supported testnets. We do not calculate “Vanity Address” (like 0x777cafef00d…) at this point
  3. Come up with a minimal ERC text that would explain the concept of Forwarder. True ERC is still pending
  4. Create a PR in order to obtain ERC number for said document
  5. Push a script (or, if appropriate, a text description) of how this is done to the GSN repo

Any comments?

I created a new repo for the Forwarder alone (without GSN)
It contains generic (no GSN attached)
javascript test for the above (I avoided typescript which requires a huge amount of configuration - needless for a pure solidity project)

(the only difference from existing BaseRelayRecipient that I also removed the dependency on LibBytes (used single-line assembly to read the address. it is more efficient since not only it removes the need to call an external function, it also works on calldata instead of memory, so avoids copying needlessly the entire just to extract the last 20 bytes…)

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Thanks Dror this is great. I’ll post this new repo now on the Telegram audit group. We should also use this to link to the minimal generic forwarding ERC @forshtat is making a draft of.